Why bringing your car to Singapore is that worthwhile?

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A car in Singapore is a luxury

Singapore is widely recognized as the shopping capital par excellence in the whole Southeast Asia. Shopping here is a favourite amusement for everybody, and especially for tourists. However, not everyone here tries to buy a car.

The fact is that a car in this city-state is not a luxury; it is the fat of the land. For example, some popular models of cars are very expensive.

Many popular actors say the same. For example, Toyota Prius costs 154,000 dollars. The price of a Nissan Sylphy is about 90,000 dollars. Subaru BRZ costs in Singapore about 130,000 dollars. The price of BMW, we are talking about the sixth seria, is astronomic, about 330,000 dollars. A tag with a price on Honda Accord is 130,000 dollars and so on. Cars in Singapore are rather overpriced. This information suggests that it is not profitable to buy a car there, it is better to bring it to this city-state.

That’s why many people, who plan to live and to work in Singapore, usually think how to bring their car to Singapore island.

Some recommendations to foreign car owners

Future car-owners, bear in mind that owning a car and to controlling it is very expensive. You have to fear the uncontrolled growth of the number of vehicles. It is associated with jam of traffic. That’s why Singapore government has assumed measures to regulate the ownership and use of cars.

They are:

  • certificate;

  • the transport system of quotas;

  • road taxes and electronic road charges;

  • the registration machines in the Management of the land transport.

That’s why Singapore authority controls a car market. Today there is no jam of traffic in the city state of Singapore. The government of Singapore decided to bring to an end this problem rudely. In 1990 they were against this program. Practically, they limited the use of cars in the roads through the observation of just one simple rule – limitation. Few cars on the roads means for sure less traffic jams in the city-state of Singapore. In this way the government of Singapore controls car dealership. That explains the key reason why it is better to bring your own car to this city-state.

The next recommendation of never buying a car in Singapore is the special ten-year license for driving. It is a sort of right, not a driver lisence. You should participate in a monthly public auction. It is held on a special website. Your task is to try to chaffer one permit or some more, for example, thousands. The price of the lot is sometimes $15-20 thousands. In this way you can buy a car. However, this is just an auction and you may not be so lucky. That’s why it is better to bring your own car to Singapore.


The next recommendation is about using your own car in Singapore, for which there is an entrance duty. In this city-state it is about 41%. It is almost impossible to get around the law. The government strictly controls the car market. There are only few people, who try to go haywire the authorities. For example, if you drive an uncleared car for half a year you can be imprisoned.

But also buying a car is a half the battle. The registration to the car owner will cost around 140% of the machine nominal value. Even a mini car is too expensive for one’s poket-book.

Buying a car in Singapore

Paying for the car in two and a half times more, than for example in Europe, you do not know what a traffic jar. The Singapore authorities have a special view on control. All routes are under video monitoring. A chance to be an uncaught tends to zero. Trespasser also can’t bribe his way out of trouble. Practically, there is no corruption in Singapore.

Advantages of driving in Singapore roads

Singapore has an obvious advantage over other cities. This young city was designed and built in the cars era. So, there’s a huge amount of highways, freeways and interchanges, which wealthy Singaporeans use during rush hour.

Smart road here is another secret of success. Traffic control is fully automated. There are cameras on every bus and at every traffic light.

There is no queue on a paid high-road in Singapore. Each car is equipped with a special device. There is a cache map there. The owner of the car pays money on it. It is the same system adopted in London.


Conclusions and personal suggestion for car drivers

It is hard to say, but only in this way Singapore authorities can effectively deal with traffic jams…
Today Singapore overtakes other cities by the number of cars per capita… and in traffic jams management. That’s why we can only envy the Singaporeans motorists.

Here you are my personal recommendation for car owners from all over the world who are trying to move to Singapore. You have to remember that owning a car and drive it in Singapore city-state is a costly affair. So, if you have an opportunity, my suggestion is: try to bring your own car to Singapore.

Dr. Biagio Faraci, traduttore tecnico, interprete di trattativa ed international web business consultant

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