How to Bring your Pets to Singapore

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Moving to Singapore with your pets

Dear pets owners and pets lovers, this article is dedicated to you all with the purpose to help you bringing your four legged friends to Singapore in the best possible way!

Many foreign families moving to Singapore for a long time are forced to leave with their pets. In the vast majority of Russian-speaking forums populated by pets lovers and owners, these latters are unfortunately assured of the impossibility to bring their beloved four-legged friends to Singapore.

..but, don’t panic!


In today’s article I am going to explain you how to bring your beloved dogs and cats to Singapore with ease.

No more chatting then and let’s see together what you really need to know for bringing your pets to Singapore city-state.

Russian families usually don’t like bringing their dogs and cats with them when they are abroad on vacation. On the contrary Europeans, Australians and Asians are used to bring their pets friends with them, maybe because for them the procedure is much easier.

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Transporting your pets to Singapore in 4 steps:

  1. The first step to bring your pet to Singapore is to send a formal request to the VA and several air carriers.

  2. The second one is the installation of a specific pets microchip for dogs and cats

This specific microchip consists of a special capsule having the size of a rice grain which is injected under the skin of your dogs and cats, near their shoulder blade. It is an uncomfortable procedure, but generally painless for your beloved pets. If you plan to do this, you have to use some particular kinds of syringe with a thick needle. That makes the pets microchip intallation procedure quicker and far more tolerable. Pets chip is a very useful thing for several reasons.

Each microchip has its unique number, which is entered in the international league table. These pets chips store all the information about your pets as for example: date of birth, breed, name, color and owner’s contact. Their  microchip is a guarantee that your pets will not be mixed, will not be reselled, and will not be taken away to another country. Moreover, in case your beloved four legged friends got lost in Singapore, special pets services will be able to find them with ease and get back to you within a couple of hours.

  1. Finding the right airline for your pets

If you are planning to bring your pet so Singapore, Singapore airlines is for sure your best solution!


However, there is a list of prohibited breeds, which includes some breeds. For example, you can’t bring to Singapore any kind of terriers, toy terriers and yorkshires with Singapore Airlines.

Other airlines as “Lufthansa”, “Emirates”, “British Airways”, “Airfrans” absolutely don’t take pets abroad. In facts their staffs in many call centers repeatedly suggests to entrust someone your pets friends and fly without them. These companies usually refuse pets owners.

That’s why many people who are planning to fly to Singapore and bring their pets with them often choose “Thai Airways”.

  1. A special travel crate (travel cage) for your pets

If you are up to fly to Singapore and you don’t want to leave your four legged friends at home you need a special travel crate for pets. It is a plastic container where your pets can stand, sit, lie down and turn around its axis. Understanding your pets (dogs or cats) will have to fly for about 15 hours with only one stopover, you must buy large and comfortable travel crates for pets. In order to allow your pets to enjoy the journey. It would be a good idea to accustom your pets to their travel crates in advance. You could start by filling the cage with treats, new toys and special feathers beds for pets the way your four legged friend will feel at home in the new travel crate and enjoy the flight. It is very important to teach your pets how to drink and find the water especially for very long flights. Don’t use the drinker, which is often sold complete with the cage, because the water will pour out during the flight. I suggest all pets lovers and pets owners to buy a drinking bowl for rodents and teach your four legged friends how to get the water out of it.

If you want to save money, you can even buy your travel cage online. Here you are some:

The health certificate for the exportation of pets animals abroad

You must get the health certificate in the vet department of your county the day before your departure. The pets must be examined. Then you will recieve a vetpasport in which are specified the notes of vaccination related to your dogs and cats.

Singapore airport recommendations at the arrival of your pets

It is better to a reserve a room for your pets in advance. Alternatively, your pets may be quarantined. Your pets risks to stay without air-conditioned rooms. There are many pets animals in quarantine.

You and your pets in the departure day

You have to come to the airport before the start of registration. Then you have to weight your pets and pass the examination in the veterinary control room. Only here you can get an international certificate in English. It is different from the health veterinarian certificate and rather important in Singapore.

When you check your flight, enter the weight of your pets and their travel crates and get a receipt for payment of excess baggage. Despite the weight of the luggage, the dog’s flight will be charged as excess. For example, “Thai Airways” for each kilogram charges 33 euros. If your four legged friends together with their travel crates weighs less than 5 kg, you are allowed to bring them into the cabin. But it is better to check this information with your specific carrier.

Paying the amount on the receipt in the cashier, you return with a credit slip to the front Desk to get the boarding passes. Then you bring your pet to the Department for oversized luggages. This is the most difficult emotionally: here you leave the pet until you will land in Singapore.

Try to clarify, whether your pet is loaded. Then check up the heat in the Luggage compartment for pets animals. Keep in mind that the staff of the aircraft, in principle, is not obliged to report about it.

Once arrived to Singapore, pick up your baggage and go through a special Department to stand next to the baggage claim. Then grant the certificate issued in English to an employee.

Love your dogs and cats and bring them always with you wherever you go. They are so beautiful and loyal to you and I am sure that they would never go anywhere without you!

If you have further suggestions for pets owners and pets lovers who want to bring their pets to Singapore and you want to share them with us, tell us your experience in the comments box below.

If you know pets owners and you want to let them know how to bring their beloved pets friends to Singapore, please share this article wherever you want in the internet and make happy pets owners and pets. They both will appreciate!

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Dr. Biagio Faraci, traduttore tecnico, interprete di trattativa ed international web business consultant

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