How to find a job and make carreer in Singapore

Job and Carreer in Singapore


About job in Singapore

Singapore is a modern, rapidly developing country in South-East Asia. Today local authority makes great efforts to attract talented foreign students.

There are many popular educational institutions where everybody can get a respected education in English, however, the situation with employment of foreigners in Singapore is more complicated.

The chances to get a job in Singapore

The fact is that, since 2012 Singapore’s government began to take steps to control the number of foreign nationals working in Singapore city-state. However, the employment requirements and procedures for foreign applicants in the city-state of Singapore are not at all complicated.

By the way, foreign graduates of Singapore universities still have a good chance to find a job and to stay in the city-state, especially if their required specialty corresponds to the list which is set up by the state authorities.

At the moment the foreigner Singapore graduates who want to stay in the city-state for some time without working are allowed (Work Pass Exemption) to be out there. We are talking about the period immediately after graduation, which is reserved for a diploma, the contiguous papers and the visit of the graduate prom. 

After this period, the graduate who wishes to stay in the country, according to the standard procedure is obligated to apply for a job and a work visa.

Popular Jobs in Singapore

Considering the dynamic development of Singapore, the government has identified a list of areas, where professionals have priority in the way they want to get themselves a job and to obtain a work visa.


Thus, if your profession matches one of the priority directions, you will easily be able to get a visa and stay in the country, even if you have not received specific proposals from employers.

Today, the Singapore authorities are more interested in professionals in the field of production of goods, construction, health, finances, information communications and media, as well as tourism and retail business.

Any company in Singapore, which wants to hire a foreign worker must obtain the government permission. Having received a permission, a foreigner can obtain an official permission for work in Singapore (Work Permit) and start the labor process.

Other ways to obtain a job visa

Besides working visas for foreign Singapore graduates, there are other types of visas, designed for less-skilled foreign workers and foreign graduates in other countries. One of these types of visas is a visa type S Pass.

This visa is designed for foreign workers with secondary vocational education, technical schools and college graduates. In order to obtain this type of visa everybody must file a formal application which will be reviewed according with a number of accepted criterias.

Thus, an eployer, considering the application, pay his or her attention to those important things:

  • minimum wage;

  • the quality of education;

  • type of activity in progress;

  • working experience.

Thus, if you are a worker with the average vocational education in one of the areas of priority for the authorities of Singapore, your chances for a visa type S Pass increase appreciably.

Another type of potential workers for Singaporean companies are foreigners living in other countries. They may receive an offer appointment from the company situated in Singapore.

However, in this case the applicant for the position will have to hand in an application to get the working visa and the documents confirming the availability of education and the amount of your future salary in Singapore companies.

Experts of priority areas have got more chances to get such a visa than all the others. If you want to find a job in Singapore, but you are not sure that you will be able to get a work visa in this country, you can complete an online test on the official website of the Ministry of Manpower, which will help you to understand whether there is enough establishment for you to get a work visa.


Career in Singapore

Welcome to Singapore, a banana-lemon city-state is waiting for you. Remember, that fruitful career consists of several facts: abilities, working capacity, anxiety, self-confidence, high-pay, luckiness, job-satisfaction, realization of own purposes and others. You can’t succeed in life by words; you have to work hard regularly every day. Not all can or want to devote the required amount of work effort, learn new things, take a firm line on unpopular questions or make decisions under the conditions of an insufficient data. Try to use hands-on-approach in your career progress. For everyone criteria of a successful career are different.

Professional credo of successful people:

  • Take an active part and get what you want!

  • Do not be afraid to change something radically in your life!

  • Have a purpose and pursue it!

  • Do your business!

  • Work, work and work again!

  • Analyze your work!

  • Enjoy about what you do!

  • Learn life and achieve success!

  • Be the first and the best in p’s and q’s;

Dr. Biagio Faraci, traduttore tecnico, interprete di trattativa ed international web business consultant

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