Singapore in the merger years: from the Japanese surrender to its entry into the Federation of Malaya

Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, Tunku Abduhl Rahman

Japan’s surrender and the return of Singapore under British control On August the 15th, 1945 the Emperor of Japan  Hirohito announced the declaration of unconditional surrender1 and therefore the Japanese General Seishiro Hitagachi, lieutenant in charge of Singapore, on September the 2nd of the same year signed the documents of Japanese surrender in front of the British admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten, who at that time was the supreme commander of allied forces in Southeast Asia2. Since April the 1st,…


Japanese occupation and economic boom in Singapore

Japanese occupation, Singapore, Japanese victory

Around the last decades of Nineteenth century, aside from being considered a key hub for all import and export maritime trade routes of the entire Malay Peninsula, Singapore had also gradually become one of the the most dynamic immigration port in the whole Southeast Asia. In fact, it was just in Singapore island that the vaste majority of Chinese, Indian and Indonesian immigrants – who had arrived in droves – used…