The top 10 better paid and most requested professions in Singapore

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In today’s article we will take a look at the top 10 most requested and better paid professions in Singapore, the free trade zone par excellence in Southeast Asia!

Singapore is a free trade zone ideal for business

Being considered by the vaste majority of sociologists and economists as one of the richest and most developed countries in the whole planet, the city-state of Singapore is nowadays an excellent place for living, working and doing business, but “pay attention”, Singapore is not for everybody! Life in “Lion City” is extraordinarily dynamic and extremely competitive!

As Singapore is free trade zone for business, many service industry categories as tourism, trade, finance and transportation are experiencing a never seen growth and development both in terms of quality and quantity. In Singapore It is far easier than in any other place in the world working as self-employed and develop a brilliant freelance career. In facts, most activities located in the Republic of Singapore do not need any specific license to get started. If you are an hardworker, creative and business minded person, the hospitable city-state of Singapore might become a real gold mine for your profession and an ideal place to live in with your family!

Professional immigration in Singapore is in growing demand

Singapore is the financial capital of Asia. This city-state is famous for its high level of economic growth and social development. That’s why almost everyone can find a job and carry out his own profession with significant growth prospects. Pay attention, professional immigration in Singapore is in continuous demand. Many people try to realize their dream of living and working in Singapore. It is an ambitious idea, but it’s a realistic perspective.

Professions and Jobs on the peak of popularity in Singapore

According to labor migration statistics Singapore is more popular then Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is difficult to determine the reason for the popularity of any kind of profession. Modern graduates have a responsible approach to the choice of their future professions. There are many well paid professions in the world, but the prospective student will choose the most promising, that is the one that will be in demand after the release, will allow to find a good job and will bring a great income. However, one of the main reason for the popularity of these professions is a decent salary.

Let’s analyze the most popular professions in Singapore.

Security, high quality of medicine, excellent conditions for business, low corruption, high average salary, and more importantly, the country’s policy on attracting highly skilled professionals and ease of obtaining the residence permit, has progressively made Singapore island a cherished dream for job-seeker.

About popular professions and decent salary in Singapore

Specialists in Singapore, with reference to their level of expertise, get generally paid between the limits of 500 to 24 000 Singapore dollars. Such specialities as exclusive medical specialists and top management (10 000 – 24 000’s$) are on the peak of popularity in Singapore.

The mid-level management, IT specialists, lawyers, financiers, engineers, economists, lecturers get about 5000 – 10000 Singapore dollars.


The sales managers and aviation specialists (technicians, secretaries, clerks, specialists in insurance are followed by them. Their salary is about 2000 – 5000 S$.

The waitsstaff, service industry workers, nurses, operators, workers, security guards, employees of the cleaning industry, parking specialists, cashiers receive from 1000 to 2000 S$. These professions in Singapore are very popular.

This list is completed by construction workers, cleaners without qualification, guards. They receive about 500 – 1000 S$. Of course, these are average figures.


On the top 10 list of the most requested and better paid professions in Singapore we have:

  1. Chief executive officer or Managing director – $29,102
  2. Sales representative (institutional sales of financial products) / Marketing manager – $20,834
  3. Trade broker – $19,500
  4. Company director – $17,142
  5. Investments and financial advisor – $15,500
  6. General manager – $15,005
  7. Commodities derivatives broker – $15,000
  8. Ship broker – $15,000
  9. Creative director (advertising) – $14,750
  10. University lecturer – $14,000

Other well paid professions:

  1. Real estate agent – $13,952
  2. Chemical engineer – $10,105
  3. Network and communications manager – $10,024
  4. Journalist – $9,441
  5. Chief/ Executive cook – $7,000

For further information, you can take a look at www.salary.sg

Some useful recommendations for job-seekers in Singapore

Speaking about skilled labour, let’s take into consideration that the most popular professions abroad and generally in Singapore, are programmers, businessmen, doctors, technical engineers and teachers. It will be easy to find a job for IT experts, biochemists, pilots or aircraft mechanics. Pay your attention, these professions in Singapore are rather popular.

Everyone who managed to find a job and get his or her feet under the table in Singapore, noted that the best variant is to find a job, and then to sign a contract. Only at this stage you may come to Singapore and not vice versa. Generally, everybody looks for a job in Singapore using the Internet, or asking his or her friends about it.

You need to use different Internet sites and agencies to find a staff, especially both local and international. The greater the resource coverage is, the more chances to find you will have.

The country is very friendly to the qualified experts. That is associated with a visa plan. If there is an employment contract with the company, the latter claims a work visa (EP). Using this one you can work only in the company. If you change a company, you must re-issue a visa. An immigrant visa (PR) is given for 5 years. In order to get it there there is no need to work because you must pay social contributions in any case. There is a repeated visa. It is good two months. Then you can extend for a month, leave Singapore for 5-7 days. For example, you may go to Malaysia.

It must be noted that all applicants, especially if they pretend the skilled positions, must have excellent knowledge of English (ideally fluent, free). Especially, it is ideal for those who are going to work in direct contact with clients. The language level should not be with a “dictionary”, it must be full conversational, because the rivalry is high. The language, the appearance, the charisma and the ability to communicate with the client are key success factors in Singapore.

Remember, life in this wonderful city-state is excellent. Singapore is famous for its legislation. The authorities of Singapore make great efforts to attract talented foreign students to live and to work there. If you have a great passion for your profession and you are a competitive business minded person, Singapore mignt be your ideal place to work and live in with your family.

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