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Hi everybody and welcome to Singlish.it! In today’s article we will talk about transportation means in Singapore. If you are planning to visit Singapore, you can’t miss it!

Transportation Means in Singapore: what about a customized solution?

Every day a lot of foreign people arrive in Singapore city state for professional and business purposes. Thousands of tourists from all over the world instead land in the island for visiting “Lion City” and enjoying its awesome cultural mix and its enchanting tropical atmosphere. As a consequence, getting around in Singapore island shouldn’t be taken for granted.

In order to enjoy your staying in “Lion City” and avoid a lot of stress you would better look for customized solutions and different transportation means according to your personal needs.

Public transportation in Singapore

Singapore is mainly land-based, as a consequence Singaporean public transportation system is land-based too. The best part of Singapore are freely reachable by road, including several islands as Jurong Island and Sentosa.

The incredible efficiency and popularity of public transportation in Singapore is the result of a great commitment by Singapore Government, which invested many resources in order to promote its use over private transportation means. As demonstrated by statistics, almost all transportation services in Singapore are generally rather reliable, cost-effective and well-organized.

Public transportation system in Singapore offers a great variety of integrated services and transportation models. Among Singapore inhabitants the most popular are those of Transit Link, which on 30 April 2010 became a subsidiary of the Land Transportation Authority.

Their transportation means and services are the most effective and popular among inhabitants of Singapore, especially for what concerns taxis, which are rather functional and affordable.

Across all taxi companies fares are standardized and charged according to the taxi meter rates. You can hail them while getting around the street or at a dedicated taxi stand. Of course, they may be pre-booked by text message or phone. By the way, it is generally accepted in the taxi to get in a queue. Roads in Singapore are generally kept clean and safe.

Tourists can even enjoy their trip around around Singapore with most traditional and popular rickshaws. Singaporeans don’t like them a lot, because the price for such a trip is quite expensive and most times must be agreed in advance. It is better to hire the drivers’ services because he has an official license for driving pedicabs.


Cable Car System

Singapore has only cable car system. Some words about it. The Singapore Cable Car plies between Mount Faber on the main island of Singapore and the resort island of Sentosa as an alternative means for tourist attraction.


For traveling during pick hours at every corner in the city there is public magnificent bus network. It covers the entire island.

Buses start working at half past five in the morning and finish by midnight, but people usually prefer MTR (Mass Rapid Transit) service in the country. The most popular buses in Singapore are Ducktours and HIPPOtours.

Ducktour is one of the most interesting kinds of tourists buses. It looks like a boat. It is painted like a duck bill. The fact that these buses are first passing through all the city quays, and then continue their route along the water.

HIPPOtours are specialized double-decker buses.  

There is a tourist tram in Singapore. Visiting Singapore city-state you’ll find the tram line for traveling. The route begins at the Orchard street and finishes at the Clarke quay.

Metro service in Singapore

In this enchanting city-state you can also enjoy one of the most efficient metro service in the world. It is one of the things that is really notable about Singapore. Many people outside Singapore know how gorgeous the Singapore metro is. Singapore subway is the cleanest transport system in the world. Metro provides a fast, economical and very comfortable access to any part of the city-island. High-speed trains in Singapore are among the most modern and high-tech in the world. They all are equipped with air conditioning system and travel without the aid of the driver – the system is fully automated. The subway in Singapore works from six in the morning until midnight, so getting around town during the day on this type of transport is very convenient. In total, the Singaporean metro system consists of four lines, one of which begins at the airport.

There is also not only an underground metro, but a “light metro” in Singapore. It is intended for people living in areas where underground lines are absent. This type of transportation offers residents of Singapore city state different subway lines from 5:30 am to midnight.

Changi: the most beautiful and comfortable airport in the world

The famous Changi Airport (SIN) in Singapore is the main aviation hub and the most important transportation node in the whole South-East Asia. It is one of the biggest, beautiful and comfortable airports in the world. In addition to its direct function, Changi airport in Singapore also serves as a venue for business conferences, celebrations, festivals and exhibitions.

There is so much to see and enjoy that residents often come here to relax with their families, both in shopping and entertainment center.

Traveling by train in Singapore

Another important and popular transportation mean in Singapore is of course train. The Mass Rapid Transit runs the distance of Singapore, and the Light Rail Transit runs within a few neighborhoods. The chief island of Singapore is linked with the other ones by ferryboat services.

Sea port in Singapore

Singapore is known as one of the most efficient transshipment port in the whole Southeast Asia. Sea port in Singapore plays a major role in the life of the state and is one of the largest in the world. It serves as a crossroad for many sea routes between Indian and Pacific oceans. It is often commonly called “gate of Europe”. In addition, the port of Singapore has several ferry and cruise terminals, which connect the island of Singapore with other countries and Islands of the country.

Singapore has many links to different parts of the world. There are two bridges there. They link this city-state to Malaysia – the Second Link and the Causeway.

Welcome to Singapore, a hospitable city-state is waiting for you.

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