Vacation in Singapore: how to plan your perfect holidays in “Lion City”

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Summer is coming and it’s time to break the daily routine with a wonderful vacation! If you are going to visit Southeast Asia, you can’t miss the charming legendary city state of Singapore, also known as “Lion City”, whose roots lie in “the legend of Parameswara”, the renegade prince!

This article will provide you the information on how to plan your perfect and unforgettable vacation in Singapore. Pay attention, if you don’t plan everything in detail before the departure, vacations in Singapore might result very stressful. Getting around Singapore is not a snap!

Vacations in Singapore are perfect for both solo travelers and families with children

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Everybody needs to take a break from working life, get rid of all that stress accumulated during the year and finally enjoy his deserved vacation. Someone prefers to stay at his place, someone likes to travel around the world. Tastes differ. The only problem is to choose where to go and what to do.

There are many beautiful and interesting places in the world, but in this article we will focus our attention on how to plan and enjoy a perfect vacation in Singapore island and avoid troubles and stress.

Planning a perfect vacation in Singapore might take a lot of time, if you do it completely by yourself. The following tips may help you to schedule your perfect trip to Singapore. The first one is to determine who’s going. It helps you to narrow things down. The following recommendations are aimed to change the course of your vacation in Singapore.

Most of us have children. If you are planning to take them with you to Singapore you would better read the tips for the whole family. With its amusement parks, enchanting beaches, national parks, contemporary art fairs and festivals, the city-state of Singapore is for a perfect location for both children and adults. You will have a wonderful time in Singapore! You may go sightseeing, visit different museums and theaters and enjoy international food in elegant restaurants.

Each of us, for different reasons, at least once in his life would like to travel alone, meet new people and enjoy his solo trip. Singapore is also an ideal location for solo travelers, in fact there are many Singaporean tour operators specialized in Solo trips planning just like RMG Tours.

Someone else loves traveling abroad with friends and share this fantastic experience, because they are very important in his life.

National and international food in elegant restaurants and resorts, fantastic excursions in the open, crowded beaches, casinos, shopping centers and luxury apartments makes for sure Singapore a really unique exotic touristic destination.


Think about what you want out of your vacation in Singapore

If you think about what you want out of your vacation in Singapore you will be able to plan things accordingly. Planning your vacation to Singapore is quite different than planning a conventional shopping holiday. There are sparkle shop-windows on every street corner. You can see what is sold there. Singapore is an authentic paradise for shoppers. You can buy relatively inexpensive and high quality products from almost each corner of the world. because Singapore’s stores base their business on 3 principles: good service, good quality and good price. That’s why women prefer shopping in “Lion City”.

However, there are other aspects that may be taken into account, just like what to see and where to go. Singapore is the most attractive and thriving financial centre in the whole Southeast Asia, where old neighborhoods peacefully coexist with ultra-modern offices and shopping complexes, luxury hotels and luxury Golf clubs.

The perfect vacation in Singapore might be considered as an adventure travel. You may get cultural experiences. Sightseeing tour will allow you to see the history of the past and present of this fascinating country. Your eyes gaze at the Central square with the world’s highest hotel, Indian village, Arab street, Chinatown, the waterfront, the colonial center, the House of Parliament.

There are over 300 parks in “Lion City” and you can see a lot of people driving expensive cars in the streets of Singapore.


Another important recommendation is about your health. Remember, Singapore is an exotic city state and foreigners may suffer different health troubles. There are many exotic plants there. If you are allergic, you will have some problems. Restaurants are used to serve many seafood based dishes in Singapore. It is very difficult to restrain oneself.

National peculiarity

They are against smoking on the island. So you risk to pay a fine off if you smoke in an enclosed public place just like the bus, the elevator, the cinema, the theatre, a public office, the restaurant and the shop.

Pay attention! Don’t ever throw cigarettes on the floor, the fine off is about 500 American dollars.

By the way, you can smoke in the outdoor restaurants, cafes, in the street and in other specially designated areas.

Always cross the road at a crosswalk. If there is no crossing, walking bridge or subway nearby, cross the road at the traffic light. The fine off crossing the road in the wrong place is about $ 250. You ought not to litter, spit on the sidewalk or in the streets. otherwise the fine off is about $ 250.

Singaporeans always honor the queue. So, if you are waiting for a taxi, buying a souvenir, you are strongly recommended to Join the queue.

It is also severely forbidden eating and drinking in unestablished places.

Riding in the front or back seat in a car or taxi without seatbelts might cost you a fine of about 60 American dollars per person.

Getting around Singapore’s streets you can suddenly find yourselves as a part of the carnival of some public festival with jugglers, acrobats, and dancers. There are, however, very quiet streets where you can sit in a small cafe surrounded by lace gratings forged in the last century in Scotland.



A budget is a quantitative expression of your plan for a defined period of time. A perfect vacations in Singapore requires a good budget. The amount of money plays a great role in selecting the place to visit. Always try to analyze your finances before leaving to Singapore for your trip.

Billions people would enjoy a vacation in Singapore very much. Singaporean Resorts, tour operators and services are really excellent.

And you? Have you ever been on vacation in Singapore?

If yes, tell us about your vacation in Singapore! Share with us your experience and let us know your opinion and suggestions for visiting Singapore in the comment box below.

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