Multiculturalism and multilingualism in contemporary Singapore

Singapore, Parlamento di Singapore, Governo di Singapore

The climate of Singapore The Republic of Singapore, whose national territory in addition to the main island of Singapore furthermore comprises other 54 andjacent islets, the vaste majority of which are still uninhabited1, covers a total land area of 699,4 square kilometers2. Located at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula, just 136,8 km north of the equator, the insular state of Singapore is affected by the hot and humid equatorial climate, characterized by frequent…


English Language: here you are revealed the incidence in Central and Southeast Asia

English in Asia

With its two-thirds of the world’s population, two nations officially recognized as being part of the three largest economic realities in the planet (China and Japan)1, a host of countries among the most industrialized and technologically advanced in the likes of South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, which are constantly in competition for the role of world leader in the field of modern technologies2 and an endless amount of still untapped natural resouces and raw…


English or World Englishes? That is the question!

The spread of English: a global phenomenon Among the most significant and controversial phenomena of interest within the contemporary sociolinguistic scene, undoubtedly stands out that regarding the spread of English Language on a global scale. Infact, besides having monopolized the domain of international political and economic communication, English language nowadays plays an essential role even in the field of science and Information Technology. For better understanding the extent of this phenomenon, we could make reference to some statistical data provided by British Council1 and reported…


What happened to contemporary English?

What do the leading experts in English sociolinguistics say? The future of English: a glance toward the sociolinguistic debate and new perspectives Since some decades to the present the intellectual efforts of the most influential linguists of the anglophone universe as David Crystal, Tom McArthur and Braj B. Kachru, led the world toward the awareness of a pervasively widespread English language on a global scale, which at the same time becomes deeply marked and influenced by the countless linguistic realities with which it progressively came into contact….