James Joice’s themes and narrative technique in Dubliners, Ulisses and Eveline

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JAMES JOICE’S BIOGRAPHY James Joice was born in Dublin in 1882 into a middle-class Catholic Family. He studied modern languages in Dublin and at the age of 22 he moved to Paris, where was published Ulisses and Trieste, where he finished 2 novels: Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. All his works are set in Dublin, but his relationship with his country was complex, infact…


Transportation means in Singapore: here you are the best solutions!

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Hi everybody and welcome to Singlish.it! In today’s article we will talk about transportation means in Singapore. If you are planning to visit Singapore, you can’t miss it! Transportation Means in Singapore: what about a customized solution? Every day a lot of foreign people arrive in Singapore city state for professional and business purposes. Thousands of tourists from all over the world instead land in the island for visiting “Lion…


Vacation in Singapore: how to plan your perfect holidays in “Lion City”

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Summer is coming and it’s time to break the daily routine with a wonderful vacation! If you are going to visit Southeast Asia, you can’t miss the charming legendary city state of Singapore, also known as “Lion City”, whose roots lie in “the legend of Parameswara”, the renegade prince! This article will provide you the information on how to plan your perfect and unforgettable vacation in Singapore. Pay attention, if…


The spread of English language in Singapore and the birth of Singlish phenomenon

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Why English language is so widespread on global scale? To the vitality and prosperity of whatever language contribute intellectuals with their ideas, ambassadors and state officers with their diplomatic skills, but above all the armies with their military power and the strategic skills of their generals. In this juncture, the establishment of British East India Company by Queen Elizabeth I opera della regina Elisabetta I, is to be considered an essential…


The top 10 better paid and most requested professions in Singapore

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In today’s article we will take a look at the top 10 most requested and better paid professions in Singapore, the free trade zone par excellence in Southeast Asia! Singapore is a free trade zone ideal for business Being considered by the vaste majority of sociologists and economists as one of the richest and most developed countries in the whole planet, the city-state of Singapore is nowadays an excellent place…


How to Bring your Pets to Singapore

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Moving to Singapore with your pets Dear pets owners and pets lovers, this article is dedicated to you all with the purpose to help you bringing your four legged friends to Singapore in the best possible way! Many foreign families moving to Singapore for a long time are forced to leave with their pets. In the vast majority of Russian-speaking forums populated by pets lovers and owners, these latters are unfortunately assured of…


The infiltration of Singlish into the different contexts of cultural production in Singapore

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In spite of the huge efforts and the strenuous campaign aimed to the promotion of the correct use of English Language in its standard form put into effect by Speak Good English Moviment (SGEM)1 since in April 2000, the population of “Lion City” didn’t seem to be willing to abandone the use of Singlish. In that period, as stated by Eugene Keng Boon Tan, assistant professor of law at School of Law in Singapore Management…


Why bringing your car to Singapore is that worthwhile?

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A car in Singapore is a luxury Singapore is widely recognized as the shopping capital par excellence in the whole South–east Asia. Shopping here is a favourite amusement for everybody, and especially for tourists. However, not everyone here tries to buy a car. The fact is that a car in this city-state is not a luxury; it is the fat of the land. For example, some popular models of cars…


How to find a job and make carreer in Singapore

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  loading… About job in Singapore Singapore is a modern, rapidly developing country in South-East Asia. Today local authority makes great efforts to attract talented foreign students. There are many popular educational institutions where everybody can get a respected education in English, however, the situation with employment of foreigners in Singapore is more complicated. The chances to get a job in Singapore The fact is that, since 2012 Singapore’s government…


Fiscal System in Singapore: a virtual tour in the Jungle of Income Tax and Property Tax Rates

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Foreign Investors and the Fiscal System in Singapore Before starting our virtual tour within Singaporean fiscal System. It is important to consider that Singapore is worldwide recognized as one of the top 3 financial centres on a global scale. In the last decade the island city-state of Singapore has attracted investors from all over the world, becoming one of the most promising market in the whole planet. One of the…