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Biagio Faraciif you really appreciated the contents that I decided to publically share with you in this new interactive website of mine dedicated to the discovery and evolution of English within the fascinating heterogeneous Singaporean sociolinguistic “ecosystem” or perhaps you found them particularly interesting and useful for better understanding the key factors and the most important historical events which since some centuries until now allowed the spread of English on global scale, you would probably be delighted to better know even the person, who – with tireless commitment, dedication and a lot of passion – designed, created and finally published them on the internet.

No more chatting!

I tell you in advance that behind this portal you will not find a mega editorial staff or an entire team of Language experts, technicians and webmasters, but simply the voice of a technical translator who is very fond of sociolinguistics applied to the internationalization and localization of communications in all its forms.

Nice to meet you…

My name is Biagio Faraci and, as I was telling you before, since several years I deal with technical translations, business and negotiation interpreting, internationalization of commercial communication, strategic localization of business and commercial communication, intercultural mediation as well as foreign Languages training on behalf of companies, individuals and professionals. I was born in Palermo in 1984, but I spent my entire childhood and most of my adolescence in Montemaggiore Belsito, a small and pretty village if Sicilian hinterland, which is located under the slopes of mount Roccellito (Western Madonie) where people are genuine, the wheater is extraordinarily mild and breezy and the daily life seems to flow very slowly, scanned by the rhythm and sounds of our local dialect: u muntimajurisi.

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In our little village, as well as in the vast majority of the smallest hurban centers located in Southern Italy, we know a bit one another and interpersonal relationships, especially among neighbours, friends and relatives, still tent to be rather cozy and solid, almost like the ones of a real tribal clan.

I still remember Summer as the long-awaited season of “the great return of emigrates”, who, through their unbelievable novelties and colourful tales on daily life abroad, contributed to the enlargement and enrichment of our perception of the lifestyle, culture and traditions belonging to their respective hosting countries.

I racconti e le storie personali di alcuni compaesani emigrati prevalentemente in Germania, Olanda e Stati Uniti hanno da sempre suscitato in me un fortissimo interesse, che con il trascorrere degli anni si è trasformato in una vera e propria passione per tutto ciò che avesse a che fare con l’esplorazione, lo studio e l’applicazione pratica delle lingue straniere nella comunicazione quotidiana.


Incredibly fashinated by typical cultures and traditions of Germanic populations, when I was 15 years old I started my adventure toward the discovery of German Language. the teaching of this Language was not scheduled among the curricular subject of the Industrial Technical Institute I attended in that period, so – a bit for challenge, a bit because I was litterally overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of this new adventire – I started studying it as a selftaught, practicing it during the summer months witha neighbour of mine who had emigrated to Germany, who I still thank and greet with affection.

Technical Education: Industrial Chief Expert in Electrotechnical Engineering and Automation


Together with my greatest passion for foreign languages and cultures, during that period I had also a growing interest in classical phisics, with a particular fondness for all that concerned mechanics, electronics and electrical engineering applied to the automation of all production processes in both agricultural and zootechnical fields.

The years of my secondary education at the Industrial Technical Institute located in Cerda (PA) have been and still continue to be fundamental for what concern both my current profession as a freelance technical translator as well as during the course of all the multiple parallel activities to which I usually devote myself in my daily professional and extraprofessional life, not only for the considerable wealth of technical skills and knowledge, but above all for the acquired pragmatic approach, which many times leads me to find the simpliest and the most effective solutions to everyday’s challenges .

If there is one thing I learned from this fantastic educational experience, it’s for sure the importance of the concretization of every theoretical concept, which can concern mathematics, phisics, grammar or even sociolinguistics, in its respective practical applications.

University Linguistic Education: Graduated in Foreign Modern Languages (English/German)

sociolinguistica The passion for technical subject was strong, but that for the study and practice of foreign Language and culture was far much stronger, so, once finished my educational path at the Industrial Technical Institute, I decided once again to twist everything and chase what was my greatest passion by finally enrolling for the Bachelor in Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Palermo.

I felt that my life should go toward that direction, definitely I did not want to spend all my days locked up in a lab, but I was too willing to open up myself to the world and pursue a profession that that would allow me to travel and constantly meet new people having a different Language and culture. I remember that languages and culture of other populations exerted a magnetic charm on me and every time I had the chance I used to stop and entertain pleasant conversations with tourists who were on vacation in our beautiful Sicily.

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Dr. Biagio Faraci

Technical translator, consecutive business interpreter, personal web - teacher of English, German and Italian for foreigners, expert in sociolinguistics, internationalization of business communication, strategic localization of business communication, intercultural mediation and corporate language training, I help individuals, professionals and companies to internationalize and / or efficiently localize their communication in the world of Web 2.0, establish a strong presence and find new customers in foreign markets through customized strategies.
If you have a passion in any industry and you want to find out how to turn it into a successful business, if you want to learn Italian, English or German through a totally customized e-learning path structured in relation to your communication needs, email me to: biagiofaraci@singlish.it or contact me directly on Skype at: mr.b.faraci and I promise you will receive my answer within the next 48 hours!

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Dr. Biagio Faraci
Dr. Biagio Faraci
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