The contribution of Malay language to the enrichment and development of Singlish lexicon in 13 words and 9 typical dishes

malese, cucina malese, cibo malese

Although Malay Language still continues to play a preminent role on Singaporean sociolinguistic chessboard, being both the official Language of Singaporean National Anthem and the sole National Language officially recognized by the Constitution of Singapore, towards the end of the Seventies – probably because of that considerable general atmosphere of resentment arisen during the Merger Years – the interest of Singapore institutional bodies towards the promotion and dissemination of Malay Language, especially in the context of Singapore educational…


Multiculturalism and multilingualism in contemporary Singapore

Singapore, Parlamento di Singapore, Governo di Singapore

The climate of Singapore The Republic of Singapore, whose national territory in addition to the main island of Singapore furthermore comprises other 54 andjacent islets, the vaste majority of which are still uninhabited1, covers a total land area of 699,4 square kilometers2. Located at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula, just 136,8 km north of the equator, the insular state of Singapore is affected by the hot and humid equatorial climate, characterized by frequent…