Arabic, Japanese, Indonesian and Javanese loanwords in Singapore Colloqual English lexicon

Indoneseiano, Giavanese, Arabo eGiapponese, Singapore, Singlish, parole giapponese

Among the various linguistic realities that over time have contributed to the enrichment of Singapore Colloqual English or Singlish vocabulary, we can also find Japanese, whose teaching was strongly supported during the three year of occupation of the former British colony by Japanese military forces and of course Javanese Language probably due to the geographical position in which the Island of Java is located. Words of Japanese origins in Singlish vocabulary…


Top 30 words of Chinese origins you can’t ignore if you are leaving to Singapore

Badung, Singapore

English or Chinese? If you are leaving to Singapore and you are convinced that your knowledge of Standard English will allow you to understand and make yourself understand by local population without particular problems, you can even skip this article, but if you don’t want to be the “protagonist” of unfortunate misunderstandings or fall into really embarassing situations, I strongly recommend you to read it carefully! If you are instead in…